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Soup: Potato, turmeric and celery

Quiche: Roasted pepper and cheddar

Frittata: Chorizo, garlic, cream cheese and potato

SPECIAL: Fish cake with horseradish mayo sauce


  • Quinoa, carrot, rocket and walnut pesto with chili flakes
  • Cucumber with wasabi yogurt sauce
  • Pickled red cabbage with pea, edamame and red onions

Thursday Lunch!!

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Soup: Tomato and Roasted Vegetables

Quiche: Roasted Butternut Squash with Za’atar

Frittata: Chicken, Potato, Harissa and Sesame Seeds

SPECIAL: Homemade Falafel with Pita Bread and Tzatziki Yogurt Sauce


  • Couscous Salad with Turmeric, Pumpkin Seeds and Cranberries
  • Cucumber with Wasabi Yogurt Sauce
  • Pickles, Red Cabbage, Peas, Edamame and Red Onion
  • Quinoa with Walnut and Rocket Pesto and Grated Carrot


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Soup: Sweet potato with smoked paprika


  1. Artichokes, feta and pink pepper corn
  2. Roasted butternut squash and zahatar

Frittata: Pulled turkey and potato



  • Couscous with turmeric, pumpkin seeds and cranberry
  • Grated cabbage with chili flakes, pumpkin seeds ans sesame oil
  • Roasted sweet potato with lime yogurt dressing and nigella seed


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Soup: Spiced butternut squash (vegan)


  1. Roasted mushroom, tomato and goat’s cheese
  2. Artichokes, feta and pink peppercorn


  1. Chorizo, peppers ans potato
  2. Turkish sausage, potato and caramelized onion


SPECIAL: BRUSCHUITTA with tomato, roasted courgette, black olives and ricotta


  • Tomato, pesto and croutons
  • Couscous with turmeric, cranberry and pumpkin seeds
  • Grated white cabbage, chili flakes, pumpkin seeds and sesame oil

Monday Lunch

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Soup: Red Lentil and Ras el Hanout

Quiche: Roasted Mushroom, Tomato and Goats Cheese

Frittata: Chorizo, Peppers and Potato

Special: Lemon and Za’atar Chicken Supreme

Salads: 1. Tomato, Pesto and Croutons

2. Roasted Carrot with Turmeric Yoghurt Sauce

3. Pasta with Pomegranate, Peas and Fresh Herbs

Friday Lunch!

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Soup: Carrot, Ginger, Vegetable Soup (GF, Vegan)

Quiche: 1. Ricotta, Peas & Nigella Seeds

2. Roasted Tomato, Fresh Basil & Green Olives

Frittata: 1. Potato, Ham, Mustard & Cheddar

2. Salami, Chives & Spring Onion


Sweet Potato & Mixed Peppers Burger with Halloumi, Roasted Garlic and Chili Mayo


  • Tomato, Croutons & Harissa Yogurt Sauce
  • Couscous, Coriander, Dried Fruit
  • Carrot, Beetroot & Apple Coleslaw with Mint & Cumin Dressing
  • Roasted Cauliflower with Pomegranate & Tahini Yogurt Sauce

Thursday Lunch

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Soup: Spinach, Courgette and Coconut Milk

Quiche: Ricotta, Peas and Nigella Seeds

Frittata: Potato, Ham, Mustard and Cheddar

Special: Pasta Bake with Courgette, Pumpkin Seeds and Cheddar

Salads: 1. Tomato, Croutons and Harissa Yoghurt Sauce

2. Coleslaw with Carrot, Beetroot and Apple with Mint and Cumin Dressing

3. Sweet Potato with Peas and Feta

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