When someone asks you if you like cake or pie, why not say you want cake and pie?

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Here’s the cake List!

White chocolate and almond cake
Spiced pear cake
Brown butter raspberry slice
Lemon and Blueberry slice
Fruit scones with homemade apricot jam
Red velvet cookies
Peanut butter cookies (Gluten Free)

When ordering Lunch, the big executives are just as indecisive as the rest of us.

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It’s Friday already hoooraaayy! Here’s the Lunch menu for you…

Creamy Sweet Potato and Tomato.

Peanuts, Shallots and Ham.

Roasted Courgette, Potato and Herbs de Provence.

Pulled Pork Burgers with Pickles, Tomato and BBQ Sauce.

Chorizo, Mozzarella, Pesto and Spinach.

Beansprouts, Cucumber, Minced Ginger, Chilli and Lime,
Tri-Colour Pasta with Peas, Edamame and Tomato.

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-Chocolate Chip
-Honey and Pecan
-Peanut butter and Chocolate (Gluten Free)

– Peach and Raspberries Cake
– Mini Salty Honey Pie
– Apple Crumble Tart
– Coconut and Lime Polenta Cake
– Peaches and Cream Slices
– Apple and Raisin Cake.

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“I only eat one meal a day. Lunch, not dinner.”

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Some people prefer lunch… I personally prefer dinner?

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SOUP / Creamy potato, sweet potato & nutmeg.

QUICHE / Chorizo & spring onion.

FRITTATA / Potato, roasted cauliflower & smoked cheddar.

SPECIAL / Stuffed beef tomato with goat’s cheese, vegetables & quinoa.

1. Tri-colour pasta with peas, edamame & tomato.
2. Beansprout, minced ginger, chilli & lime.
3. Coleslaw.

TOASTIE / Chorizo, mozzarella, spinach & pesto.

Cake??? Don’t you mean lusciously creamy crumbly slice of goodness?

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We have some delicious treats for you today, check them out…

– Apple Crumble
– Peaches and Cream Slice
– Poppyseed and Lemon Drizzle
– Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
– Hazelnut and Chocolate Chip Cookies
– Coconut and Lime Polenta Cake (Gluten Free)
– Traditional Homemade Scones with Homemade Apricot Jam.

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is…

12% of employees eat because they are hungry. 88% of employees eat because it is 1 o’clock.

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Split Peas

Ham and Cheddar

Potato, Ricotta and Chilli Flakes

Borek made with Feta, Fresh Herbs, Honey and Nigella Seeds

Chroizo, Mozzarella, Spinach and Pesto

White Cabbage with Soy Sauce, Chilli Flakes and Peanuts
Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate
Grape Salad with Sunflower Seeds and a Balsamic Glaze

“I’ll do almost anything for cake – even trample little children!”

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Check it out.

1. Peanut butter cookies (GF).
2. Cheesecake brownies.
3. Chocolate beetroot cake.
4. Apple & polenta cake (Not GF).
5. Traditional scones with homemade jam and whipped cream.


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